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this weeks giveaway is for a shiny nuzleaf!!
i actually got this guy in the gts from someone unexpectedly, but i think he deserves a better home than just sitting in a pc box forever (that being said hes not nicknamable)
reblog or like this post for a chance to win him, and if you’re following me, youll get something extra cool with him!! (legendary, lvl 100, who knows!)
this giveaway will end sunday, july 13th!
good luck!!!

Spreading the word but not entering this one! I just don’t think I could love this cutie as much as he needs!
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me: hi
this guy: no homo
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CLG LiNk and Aphromoo Cowball combo vs. TSM
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pastel!Ymir and punk!Krista 
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You talking about yourself, boy!?

#projecting is bad (via vantasticmess)
Oh okay it’s not like I needed my feelings or anything.
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